Your Paws…Our Passion

Meet Lori

A native of Livingston, NJ, my sweet spot for canine cuties never wavered throughout the course of my life. Just as many lives do, mine has taken a winding path, along which I’m proud to have collected valuable knowledge and built character. And it’s this same trail that has led me by a gentle leash of love to the ultimate realization of my vision in Pups@Play.

My professional experience ranges from the creative into the realms of business and sales. My life was full, yet not completely fulfilled… I had my pups, Chelsea and Thelma (who have since passed,) and then Oscar, Theo and Louise, but I didn’t come full circle, into that X-BARKS-the-SPOT landing field of my dreams until the arrival of Pups@Play. Inspiration led to an idea and then the question: How can I share my lifelong passion for dogs, as well as help other local passionate pup-owners?

This question is answered at last: I’ve fashioned a chic and unique venue where all attention is focused upon the complete well-being and happiness of your dog. My passion,coupled with today’s innovations in dog daycare and wellness, has helped us reap great benefits by providing better options for pup care at Pups@Play. With the support of an equally devoted and qualified staff, I’m proud to share Pups@Play with you … just consider the Pups@Play experience the under-one-WOOF, stylish solutions to doggie daycare, grooming, boarding, and training!