Living with a dog doesn’t have to mean living with pet hair and paw prints all over everything in the house. With a little extra effort, you can maintain a beautiful, clean home and enjoy the wonderful perks of dog ownership. If a clean home is important to you, follow these tips for managing pet messes around the house.

Choose Your Dog Carefully

If you don’t yet own a dog, you’re in luck: Choosing the right dog breed can majorly reduce the mess you live with. Low-shedding breeds are the best choice for neat freaks because they produce less hair and dander than other dog breeds. Chewy lists the best low-shedding breeds to look into, including tips on finding a low-shedding mixed-breed dog. However, be wary of designer breeds marketed as “hypoallergenic.” Not only is there no such thing as a non-shedding dog, but hybrid dogs like Labradoodles and Goldendoodles can shed just as much as other breeds. If you opt for a low-shedding breed, prepare for grooming expenses. Many low-shedding breeds require regular grooming to keep their hair under control.

Keep Up with Grooming

No matter your dog’s breed, regular grooming is a must to minimize shedding and odors. Daily brushing stops fur from filling your home, while nail trims every one to two weeks prevents scratches in hard flooring. Dogs should also get regular baths and ear cleanings, but frequency varies by breed. Talk to your vet to determine the best schedule for your dog.

Maintain Your Home’s HVAC Systems

Your HVAC system does more than regulate your home’s temperature. It also cleans pet hair, dander, and other allergens out of the air so they’re not floating around your home and settling into carpets and furniture. However, if your HVAC air filter is clogged with pollutants, it can’t properly do its job. Use a subscription service that delivers air filters on a set schedule so you never forget this important task. Just choose your frequency and every time a new filter shows up, you’ll know you’re due for a replacement.

Creatively Display Your Dog’s Stuff

Your dog’s stuff doesn’t need to exist in a jumbled mess in the laundry room or end up strewn all over the house. There are tons of ways to make your dog’s gear both accessible and attractive, such as creating a hideaway feeding station or buying a dog crate that’s disguised as furniture. Whether you have an entire room for your dog or just a nook, Extra Space Storage has a gorgeous organization solution for you.


Protect Your Furniture

Training dogs to stay off the furniture is one way to protect your furnishings from dirt and fur. However, not everyone can bear to banish Fido to the floor. If you let dogs on the couch, use slipcovers to protect the original upholstery. Slipcovers can look just as good as upholstery, and with a machine-washable cover, you don’t have stress about dirty paws. A lower-cost option is tossing washable blankets over cushions so your dog doesn’t lay directly on the sofa.

Mind the Windows

Nose prints all over the windows isn’t a good look. And if you don’t clean up your dog’s nose art quickly, you’ll end up with a sticky, hard-to-remove mess. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to stop your dog from peering out the window. Give your dog’s favorite windows a quick wipe once per day with a mixture of vinegar and water to keep your home’s windows bright and clean.


There’s no denying that pet ownership makes a spotless home harder to achieve. However, ask any devoted dog owner and they’ll tell you that the joys of dog ownership make the extra work more than worth it. With a consistent cleaning schedule and smart mess-prevention strategies, you can have the home of your dreams and your four-legged best friend.


Written by Cindy Aldridge

Image via Unsplash