Your Paws…Our Passion

Best place to bring your dog for an hour or a long stay! Went on vacation knowing Bentley was having a great time and being well take care of! I love being able to see great pictures and videos of him each day on Facebook! Thanks Pups@Play!

Our dog loves going to Pups@Play and she can be very timid. She comes home exhausted and we really enjoy the video and photo posts. Wonderful place!

Our puppy loves going to Pups@Play and hates to leave. I love that they send us videos when she’s there and treat her like she’s one of the family. I trust them implicitly with our dog.

Love this place, the staff is so loving with all the dogs. And the owner especially made us feel so comfortable with leaving our pup there and they take videos! And we love that the overnight is spent with all the dogs together and no cages. Our dog loves going for daycare!

Pups@Play is the best idea ever!! When I say the word “Daycare” around my dog… he runs to the door and sits waiting to go! Gibbs is a big fan!

Callie had the best time at Pups@Play. Thank you so much for making her stay great!!! It is nice to know that you can go away and not have to worry! We loved the video’s. Callie LOVES Pups@Play. She will be back soon to play again!!!!:)

Thank you for taking wonderful care of Rex each time. When I say who wants to go play he runs to the door and jumps into the car wagging his tail. The staff are very kind and loving!!

Thanks Pups@Play for having Max & Chanti. I am glad I had piece of mind they were being taken good care of while we were away!

Bruiser had a great time during our visit to Louisiana! Thanks for taking such good care of him.

Sasha is missing her friends at Pups@Play. Thanks for taking such good care of her. She had a great weekend!