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A Better Breed of Dog Daycare

 Your Paws…Our Passion

A whole lot more than just fur-raising fun, the Pups@Play Daycare experience is geared two-fold in concept and construct: Our program—and our facility — re-fashioned for the active physical nature and the social personality of your dog. Our standards held high, it’s no secret that we aim to please you, the discerning dog owner, as well. We strive to meet, if not exceed, our goal of delivering to you a happier, healthier dog at the end of each day.

Unleashing the PDA= Pure Doggie Affection!

Your pup will have plenty of space to play amongst furry friends, all under the supervision of experienced pup counselors.

At Pups@Play, your pooch will find the freedom to exercise, expend energy and socialize all year round within a well thought-out and structured environment. Whether your dog is super playful or a more chill, mild mannered personality, he will benefit from the social environment of the group 

setting. Like us, dogs are unique individuals that vary in size and temperament. Recognizing that dogs differ and that not all pooches flourish in a daycare setting, we ensure your precious pal’s safety — and maximize enjoyment and appropriate interplay — by interviewing each guest before we enroll them in Daycare. 

How to Build a Better Dog House

Pups@Play has taken advantage of the newest technologies to ensure the comfort, safety and wellness of your dog, all within the environment we’ve carefully created at our facility. We have meticulously constructed your pup’s home away from home to include the most contemporary, and, chic amenities available. Your pooch will relish in the comforts of home in specialty play rooms, as well as walks throughout the day for both fresh air as well as keeping them on normal housebreaking regiments.

Our facilities are designed to promote meaningful activity while reducing environmental and physical stressors. Continuously clean spaces and special anti-bacterial surfaces offer a healthier and more enjoyable experience for everyone. The beauty of climate controlled daycare means that your dog can play, no matter what the season or the weather outside. With the inclusion of rubber flooring in play areas, we provide an ultra-hygienic foundation that also reduces strain on your pooch’s paws and joints!

Your pup is our passion and we continually strive to redefine what dog daycare can be. All so you can go do what you need to, worry-free, knowing your dog is having a blast playing with his friends in a safe and controlled environment.

Pups@Play Dog Daycare Include:

Pups@Play Daycare accommodates dogs at Full day, Half day or Hourly rates*


What People Are Saying

I‘ve been taking my guy Rex since he was a baby, the staff is so friendly and welcoming all the time, my guy Rex always comes home tired, he’s made so many friends there.

Daniela Olsen

We love Pups At Play! They are very reasonably priced and the staff is so friendly. Would recommend to anyone looking for a play date, especially when the weather isn’t suitable for outside exercise.

Juliana Stravato

I brought my little poodle mix here and she loved it!!!! The owner is so attentive and loving and my pup was so happy!!!! I have shopped around for daycare and boarding and pups at play is the best!!!!

Lydia Diassi


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