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Pups Player Academy

Why choose Pup Player Academy for training your pup? 

  • We have recently redesigned our training programs to accommodate for COVID19 restrictions.
  • We help you set realistic expectations and recommend only training programs that help you succeed.
  • We believe pups should be taught through motivational methods and positive reinforcement.
  • We make training fun for you and your dog while building a solid foundation and lasting bond.
  • Our programs are designed to give your dog the right amount of socialization and basic obedience!

 We are offering the following programs in lieu of private lessons: 

2-week package (10 sessions)

Combines training and socialization to ensure your pup’s success.  Your pup will spend the day training with one of our trainers and socialize in day camp.  Lessons include your choice of 5 basic obedience commands and one trick.

1-week package (5 sessions)

An accelerated training program for your pup with one of our trainers. Lessons include your choice of 3 basic obedience commands and one trick.