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Dog Training

Have a new puppy and need some guidance? Get you and your pup off to the right start and set yourself up to have a great dog. Learn proper house training, how to socialize the right way, what you need to do to address nipping and how to create household rules.

 In-home behavior consults Whatever issues you’re struggling with, we can help. Whether it’s common problems like jumping and chewing or more serious issues like anxiety or aggression, get the help you need to improve your life with your furry pal.

Want to teach your dog some basic obedience? Get in-home training classes that will teach your dog the basic commands, like sit, down, stay and come.

We’ve partnered with FernDog Training and Pups@Play customers receive 25% OFF all in home behavior sessions. Please contact us and we’ll get you your discount and hook you up with Fern.