Dog Daycare

A whole lot more than just fur-raising fun, the Pups@Play Daycare experience is geared two-fold in concept and construct: Our program—and our facility — re-fashioned for the active physical nature and the social personality of your dog. Our standards held high, it’s no secret that we aim to please you, the discerning dog owner, as well.                             

Dog Grooming

At Pups@Play, our views on grooming reflect our overall outlook regarding your pooch’s health and happiness. We recognize that proper care — and plenty of perks! — promote your dog’s well-being on the inside and out. That’s why we PUP up the volume by providing your doggie with a comprehensive list of contemporary and stylish spa offurings!

Dog Training

Puppy obedience issues? Is your new puppy having accidents or chewing up your furniture, shoes and anything else he can get his or her teeth on? We can help…



Dog Boarding

We offer a one of a kind boarding experience that you won’t find anywhere else. Most facilities leave your dog alone and isolated in a cage or “suite” for 12 hours overnight. We are the only facility in New Jersey that offers a “slumber party experience” where your pup will spend the ENTIRE NIGHT with their furry friends and a human companion.