Dog Training

German Shepherd looking at trainer.

Professional Dog Training

Whether you have a puppy that needs some guidance, or a dog that needs a refresher, Pups@Play can get them going in a good direction. We offer both private and group training classes where our adorable pupils can learn proper housetraining, basic commands, and social skills. Frustrating or destructive behaviors (jumping, chewing) or issues of concern (anxiety, aggression) can also be addressed.

For challenging problems, in-home consultations are available.

Livingston | Training | Stay and Train: $113

Montclair | Training | Stay and Train: $155

Professional Dog Training

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Montclair Location

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private dog training

Our Training Philosophy

● Our programs are designed to give your dog the right amount of socialization and basic obedience.

● We help you set realistic expectations and recommend only training programs that help you succeed.

● We believe pups should be taught through motivational methods and positive reinforcement.

● We make training fun for you and your dog while building a solid foundation and lasting bond.


Group Class | Barking $51.0

Group Class | Jumping $51.0

Group Class | Leash Manners $51.0

Group Class | Socializing w/ Humans, Dogs, & Objects $51.0

Private Behavior Modification Training $139.0

Private Canine Good Citizen Training $154.0

Private Obedience Training $139.0

Private Puppy Training $139.0

Private Structural Training $139.0




Private Basic Training $114.0

Private Behavioral Training $114.0

Private Leash Training $114.0