Dog Training

 Your Paws…Our Passion

Have a new puppy and need some guidance? Get you and your pup off to the right start and set yourself up to have a great dog. Learn proper house training, how to socialize the right way, what you need to do to address nipping and how to create household rules.

 In-home behavior consults Whatever issues you’re struggling with, we can help. Whether it’s common problems like jumping and chewing or more serious issues like anxiety or aggression, get the help you need to improve your life with your furry pal.

Want to teach your dog some basic obedience? Ask us about our Pup Player Academy.  Our Answer to training during the Covid-19 times.  We train your dog and all  you need to do is the homework our trainer gives you.  Most of the hard work is done by our trainers, here at Pups@Play.  

The advantage of our training is we get to work with your dog in both a controlled environment as well as working with plenty of distractions, to ensure your pup will listen to you no matter where you are.


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