Your Paws…Our Passion

Your Vacation = Pups Staycation

In Montclair we offer 2 styles of boarding:

Style 1: Slumber Party Boarding

A one of a kind boarding experience that you won’t find anywhere else. Most facilities leave your dog alone and isolated in a cage overnight. We are the only facility in New Jersey that offers a “slumber party experience” where your pup will spend the ENTIRE NIGHT with their furry friends and a human companion. At Pups@Play, a day of doggie socializing in a familiar setting effortlessly transitions into a relaxing evening and good night’s sleep. We call this the Pup STAYcation!

 It’s a slumber party where the fun never stops! With doggie beds, futons, lots of cozy blankets and floor mats available, your pup is free to sleep where and with whom they wish in a large space shared with the same-sized pals who have been temperament tested.
 A human to snuggle with all night! Your dog is never without a human companion as a human sleeps in the playroom every night so your pup has someone to cuddle up to if they so choose.
 Regular facebook updates for peace of mind. On pups@plays Facebook page, pics and videos are posted daily to show some of the day’s activities so make sure to check in and see if your pooch is famous.
 In person supervision. We “just say no to monitors” and never leave your pooch alone. All slumber parties are accompanied by a pup counselor at all times.
 No cages or lonely rooms. We do not use partitions or isolate your pup.  Instead they stay the night in a large, safe, climate controlled and clean space surrounded by pup pals and a pup counselor all night! 

Pups@Play’s unique cage-free boarding and Staycations mean that your pup has non-stop company.  Before you can board with us, your pet must have a temperament test to be sure that everyone stays safe and happy during their stay.  Your pup must successfully complete a two-hour temperament test before he/she can enjoy our renowned open boarding.  So don’t disappoint your pup! 

Style 2: Suite Boarding

We also offer “suite” boarding for those pups that do not complete a temperament test…or…for those pups that may want personal time and space.  Our new lavish suites provide the comforts of home, with TV and piped-in music, as well as a bed, blankets and a cushy rug.

We are happy to offer Deluxe Jr. Suites (3×6), Deluxe Suites (4×6) and Luxury Suites (5×7).  A human companion will be watching over your pup all night to make sure they are comfortable and sleeping peacefully.

Pups@Play Montclair Dog Boarding:


Montclair Pups Pricing

 Slumber Party Boarding  $70.00/night

Suite Boarding

Luxury Suite     $74.00/night

Deluxe Suite    $72.00/night

Deluxe Jr Suite    $70.00/night

Rates include daycare through 12:00 noon the following day.

If your Pup is not picked up by 12:00 noon following an overnight stay, extended boarding fees of $46.00 will apply.


What People Are Saying

We kept our 2 German shepherds here for 4 days while we were moving into our new house. The facility was very clean and our pups smelled great when we picked them up. Our pups were exhausted but really happy when we brought them back home. Will definitely use this place again!

Marie Audett

I love Pups at Play…and so does Greyson!! He is so excited to get through that door!! The staff is wonderful and it is truly comforting to know our little puppy is in such a loving, safe place!!

Geri Giller